Sensed efficacy and ill-effects of employing crisis contraceptive tablets

Sensed efficacy and ill-effects of employing crisis contraceptive tablets

If you’re these types of certain designs of just after-sex contraception keeps ill-effects, respondents’ narratives indicated that eg side effects came into existence wrapped up within the misconceptions and mythology, also one of several student pupils. Some of these misconceptions try depicted in the next area.

First of all, the research discovered that specific participants possess doubts towards effectiveness out-of medically accepted ECPs, is actually exaggerating the side effects of ECPs and so are associating they that have infertility:

Too much of Postinor can lead to damage to your uterus, and something may not be able to slip pregnant again. (IDI, 20-year old, third-12 months pupil).

I love condom, as the usage of drugs aren’t an effective. It might not work also it can adversely change the female’s system (IDI, 18 year old, seasons one scholar).

Lastly, once the link between EC and you can coming miscarriage is not documented because a keen EC complication, participants presumed that it hook:

Too much of postinor-2 will damage the latest wall surface of the uterus and you will destroy the new womb. This may trigger miscarriages later. (IDI, 25-year old fifth-12 months college student).

Acceptability out of crisis birth prevention

In spite of the apprehension away from couple people regarding harmful effects from EC, the majority of participants showed that they would explore EC in the event the confronted towards danger of unexpected pregnancy.

“I would panic of being pregnant threats and i can use this new contraceptives such as Postinor (FGD, 20 seasons third year beginner).

Even respondents that do not have knowledge of EC indicated their maturity to utilize EC if faced with the danger away from unexpected pregnancies. Particular revealed that they would request a doctor and also the feedback out of two people, one in seasons you to definitely in addition to almost every other into the seasons a couple of, are thus presented below;

I might check out the health, because they’re benefits. I can not have fun with tablets since pills can result in alot more issues. You will find a pal which used pills, which caused her lots of problems (FGD, 21 yr old, next seasons student).

Extremely members shown a standard good attitude toward entry to EC although many would rather use condoms otherwise eliminate sex completely.


Extremely studies to the EC accompanied a quantitative approach hence limits the in-breadth knowledge of tips accompanied of the ladies to end unexpected pregnancies and you may traps you to definitely impede her or him of utilising approved emergency contraception. Part of the contribution of the qualitative research ‘s the in-depth study of one’s attitudes out-of lady university students regarding their susceptibility so you can and seriousness from unexpected pregnancies, information about methods of blocking unplanned pregnancies and traps to the the means to access EC.

The fresh findings of the investigation emphasize the latest benefits regarding fitness belief model into the information precautionary wellness behavior and have now allow us to theorise on the entry to disaster birth prevention. All of our show to your recognized awareness so you can unexpected maternity show that many lady children are prone to unexpected pregnancy because of low-utilization of contraceptives [17, 20–28] and you can birth control inability. not, several may well not realize that they’re susceptible to unplanned pregnancy, and as such, won’t grab precautionary step including the use of disaster contraception. A study presented certainly female undergoing caused abortion claimed so it since the area of the traps for the use of EC . Timely personality of thought chance of unplanned maternity, ‘most significantly within the cases of damaged condom’ is a vital status to the access to EC.

Our very own findings to your perceived severity from unplanned pregnancy obviously suggest that the likelihood of the utilization of EC for young women that have sensed risk of unplanned maternity is highest. Of several players considered unplanned pregnancy to own highest seriousness and you will do are any available strategies along with abortion to prevent they.

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